Research Management / Contract Management
Jens Fenzau
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70776
E-mail: jf[at]

Contract Management / HR
Christine Kapps
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70777
E-mail: ck[at]

Project Initiation
Daniela Rings
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70763
E-mail: dr[at]

Map of Research Expertise

New ideas and research results are turned into innovations in compatible partnerships. The “Map of Research Expertise” facilitates finding suitable experts for your implementation-oriented research project.


Science meets Business

The events series "Science meets Business / Wissenschaft trifft Wirtschaft” serves as a platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and technology between science and business.


Promotion of co-operations between economy and academia especially for SMEs in Berlin/Brandenburg without F&E department.

Standard programme: 70% research funding share, max. EUR 15,000

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Research Services

Humboldt-Innovation GmbH (HI) promotes and manages research and development agreements as well as contracts for scientific services between HU scientists and private companies or the public sector. On behalf of the university, HI will manage all project stages from initiation and launch to administration and completion.

The Innovation Management team supports HU scientists to recognize the commercialization potential of their research early on and to arrange for the necessary steps in this direction.

Research and development agreements & contracts for scientific services

Research and development agreements are necessary if third party research funding sources do not or do not want to act upon a notice of appropriation of funding or an allocation decision. A contract for scientific services is required if only state-of-the-art technology/knowledge is applied in the project.
On behalf of the Vice President for Research, both types of contracts will be negotiated and signed by Humboldt-Innovation GmbH (HI) for the project manager. The project manager is not authorized to legally sign such contracts. The signing by HI ensures the legal use of HU resources, such as the staff, infrastructure or intellectual property.

The following types of third-party financing can be agreed upon and carried out by HI:
  • All projects contracted by private sector companies, as well as contracts by not-for-profit/non-governmental organisations
  • Contracts and tenders by the public sector institutions
  • Sub-contracts from research projects from public institutions/agencies
Third-party projects of this kind will be included in the official statistics of third-party funded research.
Below you will find our project administration services in detail as well as the terms and conditions.

  • Map of Research Expertise: online portrayal of HU scientists’ profiles, their research focus and areas of interest
    Map of Research Expertise
  • Science meets business (“Wissenschaft trifft Wirtschaft”, WtW) series of events: format especially designed to facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge to societal and commercial application with ample networking opportunities to foster new collaborations and support innovations
    More details
  • Matching of project partners: support with finding suitable partners for third-party funded contract research or RFPs
    (requests for proposals)

  • Calculation of budget and personnel costs, spreadsheet to aid calculation available on demand
  • Support with negotiations and NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) as well as MTAs (material transfer agreements)
  • Preparation and review of proposals
  • Preparation and review of contracts as well as signing (HI is legal contract partner)
  • Setup of project account and third-party funding notice to HU

  • Employment of project-related personnel
    • Wage classification according to standard agreements and performance-linked wages
    • Drafting of contract conditions
  • Payroll accounting
  • Procurement of material resources
  • Accounting and claims management
  • Online reporting of financial status

  • Transferal of remaining project funds/balance to summary account
  • Evaluation of project (incl. project partner feedback)

HI charges an overhead rate of 20% of the net contract value for research and development agreements as well as contracts for scientific services.

Innovation Management

The Innovation Management team offers HU scientists of all disciplines comprehensive consultation and advice for transferring knowledge and technology into markets and society. Together we analyse the application-orientation of your ideas. The objective is to commercialize your innovative research. 

Service Innovation Management

Newsletter and information about new cooperation requests, RFPs, etc. regarding application-oriented research (in German)