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Managing Director
Volker Hofmann
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70760
E-mail: vh[at]

Innovation Management
Daniela Rings
Phone: +49 (30) 2093 70763
E-mail: dr[at]

Innovation Management
at IRIS Adlershof
Jan Eggert
Tel: +49 (30) 2093 66402
E-Mail: jan.eggert[at] 


Humboldt-Innovation (HI) organises presentations and workshops on the topic of knowledge and technology transfer, conducts studies and counsels clients ranging from private businesses to public authorities. Additionally, HI supports its clients with developing and implementing utilisation plans via third-party funded projects.

Best practice knowledge and technology transfer


Presentations and workshops

HI offers one- or two-hour presentations as well as workshops that can last for half a day, one day or even several days. These deal with knowledge and technology transfer as a whole or the individual transfer channels: research services, spin-off management and patents. In addition to a focus on the implementation of transfer measures at Humboldt-Universität (HU), the topic will also be covered from the political, economic and local perspectives. This may include looking at local and national transfer policies, an introduction to Berlin’s startup scene or the integration of the Adlershof Technology Park.

Sample programme (PDF)


HI conducts studies for private and public sector clients with a focus either on knowledge and technology transfer in general or on individual transfer channels (research services, spin-off management and patents).

Study “An entrepreneurial approach to startup promotion – (Re-)financing models that allow university initiatives to assist startups sustainably” (Ger.)

Individual on-site consulting

HI counsels public and private institutions on-site. Examples of previous clients include:

  • Germany’s Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ/Society for International Cooperation) and the University of Belgrade’s Centre for technology transfer (CTT) in support of the project “Assistance to competitiveness and compatibility with the EU of Serbian SMEs”.
  • The Opole Science and Technology Park in order to use the Opole voivodeship’s innovative potential for economic development.
  • AplusB, an Austrian academic network of incubators, as part of a benchmark against Berlin’s academic network of startup promotion.

Consulting on third-party funded projects

More and more, the guidelines of development schemes demand the integration and implementation of utilisation plans. A sound plan greatly increases the probability of approval and can even be a basic requirement. Therefore, HI assists researchers with the development of the utilisation plan and offers modules to facilitate its implementation through the transfer channels research services, spin-off management and patents. This includes developing instruments of validation that are specific to the programme as well as supporting the projects throughout the entire funding period.

Examples of development schemes relevant to knowledge and technology transfer:

If you are interested in a quote regarding best practices or third-party funding, please do not hesitate to contact us.